Science, Faith and Apologetics Conference

Australia’s first “Science, Faith and Apologetics” Conference will see 40 national and international presenters grappling with difficult questions Christians face. The public event in Brisbane from March 23 to 25 will strengthen Christians’ faith and help them engage in conversation with skeptics.

Speakers include astrophysicist Jennifer Wiseman, cosmologist Ken Freeman, and staff of Ravi Zacharias Ministries and the Centre for Public Christianity. Topics include: ‘If God is good, why are bad things happening to me?’; ‘Is the universe fine tuned for life?’; ‘How to respond to Australia’s assisted dying debate’; ‘Can I believe in miracles and science?’; ‘Teaching science and faith to primary students’; ‘Economics in the service of God’; and many more.

Scholarships/bursaries available – childcare onsite – earlybird pricing ends Feb. 14th.

The conference is for any Christian who wants to think hard about the way Christian faith relates to the culture and issues of our day.

Full details from ISCAST (Christians in Science):

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