Gee God is busy!

Gee God is busy, like I mean really busy. It’s taken me a couple of goes to write this blog, partly because I’m unorganised, but also because curve balls come across the lives of people in our communities in which we serve, and because curve balls can come across our own paths as well, direct hits and near misses. It can be chaotic and, in the ups, and downs, God is at work in, through, around, because of, and despite of us, boy is he busy! My mathematical skills aren’t great, but they are not bad either so if I multiply things going on for one person by 2 or even just 5, Gee God is busy!

But my oh my, am I thankful for that. It is so humbling and reassuring. Last week in the midst of curveballs I took time to take a deep breath, to sit back because I needed to and thankfully I could see God’s hand at work holding and providing. It is amazing to even contemplate the many ways God is at work in our own lives, the lives of those around us, and in the lives of people across the world.

This morning as I thought again of this post these verses came to mind, verses that speak of and remind me of God’s intimate knowledge and care of us, our ministry, and the people whom we serve.

Ephesians 2:10 (NIV)For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” speaks of our purposeful creation but also our work, planned carefully for us to do, thankfully not in our own strength but in the one who has made us alive in Christ.”

The beautiful words of Isaiah 55, the hope of the thirsty and tired, the one whose words are powerful and purposeful, words that command the seasons to come and go, words that will accomplish what they are sent out to do.

Matthew 28:18-20 we are not alone in this. The God who knows the numbers of hairs on our head sends us out with his mission and promises that he is with us to the very end of the age. In our busy-ness and the curve balls we are never alone.

I am so thankful that God is so busy! And so, I pray with thankfulness the Evening Collect

Be present, merciful God, and protect us through the hours of this night: that we, who are wearied by the changes and chances of this fleeting world, may rest on your eternal changelessness; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Kate Boughton Written by:

Reverend Kate Boughton has worked for a number of years with young people in parishes in Melbourne and Tasmania. She is the Chaplain at St Michael’s Collegiate School in Hobart and is reminded daily of the privilege it is to serve God in this place.

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