Religious Short Film Prize

Encourage your students to enter the Religious Short Film Prize run by the Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture. This is a great opportunity for Christian schools to encourage their media students to showcase their skills while exploring religion and spirituality.

The prize is $5000.

Applications are open now and close at 5PM 30 April 2018


“The Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture…initiated this venture as part of its commitment to promoting the lively interaction between the arts, religion, faith and culture.”

“The prize is especially designed to explore the relationship between religion, faith and the ‘hot button’ issues of Australian society.”

“Film and religion belong together. The reason is simple; they both explore, in different ways, what it means to be a human being in the universe.”

“Some key questions for potential entrants for the film prize are: what impact and influence does religion have for contemporary life in Australia? How might religion illuminate many of the challenges we face today as individuals, as nations and people of planet earth? Can religion be a force for good in the world? How might religious faith help people to respond, for example, to cultural and ethnic diversity, and violent extremism?”

Go to the Religious Short Film Prize to read more.

This is last year’s winning entry:

Stephen Harrison Written by:

Stephen has a passion for exploring mission and ministry. He has worked for the Anglican Church for the last twenty years mostly in the area of youth and children’s ministry. In this time he has worked for two churches, two Anglican schools, as a university chaplain and for the Brisbane Diocese as the Youth, Children’s and Families Officer. Currently he is the Director of Mission for the Anglican Schools Commission. He has degrees in Science, Theology, Community Welfare, Education and has completed a Doctorate in Ministry, focused on the church’s mission in Anglican schools.

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