Truth Through Song

I’m constantly surprised by the impact songs have in teaching truths to young people.  Throughout my time as assistant chaplain, the most common conversations I have with parents are about the songs that their children are coming home singing and requesting to be played in the car!  Whilst parents either love or hate this, I am very grateful.  How exciting is it that these kids are sharing the good news of Jesus through song at home!!!  The impact of songs is powerful.  I love the enthusiasm of young students as they run up to me after school at cricket, or in the playground singing their favourite songs. 

And yet, often I spend much of my time preparing everything but the songs!  Instead, I end up leaving my song selections to the very last minute.  This is not always bad, as it gives students the opportunity to choose their favourite songs, especially as they love the repetition.  However, I have been reflecting lately that I’d like to invest more preparation into resourcing new songs to complement each teaching unit.  

You don’t need to be a brilliant singer to do this either. Whilst I grew up having piano lessons, and have always enjoyed singing in the car, I’m no musician!   As long as you’re enthusiastic, happy to make a bit of a fool of yourself, the kids get involved and love it.  And if you’re someone who’s tone deaf, don’t fear – there are some fantastic action songs on YouTube to sing along too.

One of our favourite Christian songs comes from Brisbane based kids’ music artist and entertainer – Dan Warlow.  A couple of weeks ago we were privileged to host him at our Junior School.  In five days, Dan visited 10 Tassie schools, performed for 1973 primary school children, and 423 kids responded to say that wanted to follow Jesus. 

These 10 schools will now work in partnership with a dozen churches and chaplaincy groups to follow up the children by providing lunchtime groups, where they can learn more about Jesus.

We have so many wonderful opportunities to share the love of Jesus in our schools that reach beyond the classrooms, and into homes, for eternity.  Praise God!

Rebecca Gough Written by:

Beck Gough enjoys her dream job as the Assistant Chaplain at St Michael’s Collegiate School in Hobart – sharing Jesus with 200 Junior School students each week. Beck is married to Sam, and mum to two spirited children and two even more energetic labradoodles.

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