Book Recommendation – Days of Your Youth: A Fresh Look at Ecclesiastes for Today’s Youth    

George Statheos has written a book on Ecclesiastes. It is for Chaplains, Christians studies classes and lunch time Christian groups. The book has been well received in schools in Sydney and George is looking to promote the book to a national audience.

See the commendations from Sam Chan and Louse Pfitzner below

The book is available at Koorong and by contacting George via has website

“We’re way more advanced than our parents ever were. We have smartphones that play music, take videos, and tell us which bus to catch. We’re more connected than ever before. But the big questions of life still haunt us – How can I be happy? Why am I even here? What’s the point of it all? Now, more than ever before, we need to dig into the wisdom of Ecclesiastes to answer these questions. But where to begin? I highly recommend Days of Your Youth by George Statheos. It is full of wisdom and many funny stories from George’s own life. Hopefully we won’t make all the silly mistakes he made when he was young.”

Sam Chan

Public speaker for City Bible Forum, Australia

Author of Evangelism in a Skeptical World and How to Talk About Jesus (Without Being That Guy)

“It’s so timely to have a book for young people which address the big questions that Ecclesiastes raises. Questions about meaning and purpose and setting the course of your life while you are still young. A life that remembers your creator and is shaped by something so much bigger and better than yourself. This is what the Teacher (as the author of Ecclesiastes is called) implores his readers. And I think this is in one sense what George is doing too.

George Statheos is someone that has devoted his life to teaching young people. First as a youth minister for many years and then as a school chaplain. He’s someone who hasn’t lost his love for young people and his interest and curiosity in them. His great desire is that they would know the forgiveness that can be found in Jesus’ death on their behalf and then live lives of great purpose, following him. You can read this warmth in the pages of this book. As George explains the Scriptures, he’s imploring our young people to find meaning and purpose in the creator of the universe and live big lives following him. 

This book, Days of your Youth, is full of scripture, wise advice and of course George’s gift of telling stories. There are many laugh out loud moments (my favourite was the story on pages 108-109). There are also discussion questions at the back of the book that you could use on your own or with a small group. I think there are many young people who would really benefit from George’s wise advice and reflections on this important part of God’s Word.”

Rev. Louisa Pfitzner

Children’s and Youth Minister, St Luke’s Anglican Church Frankston East

Andrew Stewart Written by:

Reverend Andrew Stewart has twenty years experience as a school chaplain and works as a chaplain at Mentone Grammar in Melbourne. Andrew is also the chair of the Chaplains in Anglican Schools network in Victoria.

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