Taking the Plunge

At the close of 2021 I was privileged to be able to baptise one of my grade 6 students in our school pool. At the start of last year, I didn’t plan on baptising a student- and yet through the goodness of God, the faithful witness of teaching Christian studies and regular Chapel input- a student approached me about wanting to follow Jesus and as a culmination of that it was timely to have her baptised.

Baptism is a significant part of a faith journey.

It isn’t magical, somehow making you a Christian.

Instead, it is a deep connection to Christ- symbolic of how Jesus has washed or removed our sin through his death and resurrection, welcoming those who are baptised into the Church universal, and a powerful reminder that we die to self and are raised to life- symbolised in the going down in the water and coming back up.

What a privilege to journey with one of my students in seeking to know more of Jesus and in her decision to follow Jesus. 

In the midst of a very busy week with extra activities and services to celebrate Christmas, it was a helpful reminder that Jesus didn’t simply come as a baby- but he came to save, and calls on us to follow him.

So as we start 2022- with a degree of uncertainty- let’s pray that God will use us in our schools- speaking of his love and grace- and that through faithful testimony that students will come to follow Jesus.

Elizabeth Poland Written by:

Elizabeth is Chaplain to Launceston Church Grammar's Junior Campus- having worked in the role for the past thirteen years, and counts it a privilege to speak of Jesus to young and growing children.

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